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Powered ramps

For motorbikes, scooters, jetskis and more.

Effortlessly load up to 550 kg to a height of up to 160 cm.

Our powered ramps can be installed, without drilling your cargo bed, in Pickups (even short bed ones), Vans, Trailers and even Trucks. Expand its possibilities using a number of accessories.

key features


Up to 550 kg

The ramp itself uses 6061 T6, an aerospace grade aluminium alloy, to keep the ramp weight under 100 kg, yet it can load more than half a ton.

Cordless tool operated

No wires to install, no battery to maintain. Wormdrive is operated via a standard 18 or 24V cordless tool.


With our accessories you can extend the capabilities beyond just a motorcycle ramp. Loading platform/slide-out, snowmobile loader, 3-wheel scooter loader...


No drilling required

Using our AC-012 accessory, you can quickly fix the ramp to your vehicle without drilling a single hole. This also means you can detach the ramp quickly when not needed.


The 6061 T6 aerospace grade aluminium alloy beams are anodized black and all metal components are laser cut, welded and zinc plated to create a very corrosion resistant product.


Our ramp tilts to horizontal position while still outside the vehicle, allowing for loading in very tight spaces such as a compact van.


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