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Staggered loading in tight spaces

Our ramps are compact enough to let you load even two bikes side by side in a standard van.

The ramp stoppers can be off-set, so when loading two bikes side by side, their handle bars are slightly behind each other. You can then load two bikes in a compact van such as the one seen in the pictures (a Ford Custom and a Mercedes Vito).

Just set the wheel chock stoppers a bit further back, and the bikes will load one slightly behind each other. It only takes a few minutes to adjust the chock stoppers using a hex key.

Operating the ramps from the inside of the van is easy, as you only need to operate the wormdrive until the ramp tilts to a horizontal position. After that, it's only a matter of pushing the ramp inside the van.

Install the ramps without drilling

This customer also chose to use the bolt-less attachment kit (AC012) for both ramps, which allows him to install the ramps without drilling, in a matter of minutes. This also means he can use the van normally when he's not transporting the bikes, as the ramps can also be removed in minutes. This accessory uses the tie-downs of the van and standard ratchet straps to firmly attach the ramps inside the van.

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