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For motorbikes, scooters, jetskis and more


For tech specs and pricing of the ramps, please see the RAMPS page.




The ramps are made using custom designed aluminium beams. The material used is 6061 T6 aerospace grade alloy, with a strength similar to mild steel, but only a third of the weight. This particular alloy is also used in aerospace and marine applications not only for its strength, but also for its corrosion resistance.


The aluminium beams are anodized black, which gives them a further protection, a harder surface and a pleasant finish.

The lift system is using a fin cooled, oil submerged worm drive. These are very compact and powerful units and they will easily lift motorcycles, buggies and cargo of more than 500kg.

All metal components are laser cut, welded, then zinc plated. After the zinc plating we also powdercoat the steel components, to obtain a corrosion resistant product.


One of the unique features of our ramps is that they tilt to horizontal position while still outside the vehicle - this allows for loading in very tight spaces, such as a standard Van or the loading bay of an RV.

We have customers who even loaded two Ducatis side by side in a Mercedes Vito, using two ramps.

cordless tool driven

Our ramps use a standard 18V or 24V cordless tool to operate the wormdrive. There is no need for installing a separate battery, or run cables.

In the event that you run out of batteries for your cordless tool (even though most are supplied with 2x batteries), you can manually operate the wormdrive with a hand crank, albeit at a much slower speed.


easy install

The ramp joiners are movable in case you need to attach it to strongpoints.


However the ramp can be attached without drilling holes, by using the AC 012 boltless attach kit and standard ratchet straps together with the tie-downs of your vehicles cargo bed. 

This allows you to install and remove the ramp in a matter of minutes.

The AC012 is also the perfect accessory for businesses that wish to rent out ramps.


Thanks to a wide range of accessories, you can use the same base ramp to also load 3-wheel scooters, snowmobiles, lawn mowers, jet skis, choppers up to 3m, and any type of cargo using our slide-out tray which attaches to the ramp.

Check out all our available accessories here.







We will need a few measurements so that we can give you the best suggestion for your particular needs. Please note that if you do not wish to drill holes in your Pickup or Van, it is possible to use the AC012 boltless attachment kit.

Once you have the measurements, please contact us and:

  1. We'll get back to you with a quote.

  2. We ask for payment in full if items are in stock, delivery within 1 week.

  3. If the items are not in stock we ask for a 50% down-payment.

  4. Down-payment is refundable if items are not delivered within 3 weeks.

  5. Second down-payment required when items are ready to ship out.


Please measure:

1. The cargo area length with the doors closed.

2. Loading height

3. Wheelbase of your motorcycle (blue line in the motorcycle graphic above)

4. Full length of your motorcycle (red line in the motorcycle graphic above)


Please measure:

1. The cargo area length with the tailgate closed (blue line in the Pickup graphic above).

2. The cargo area length with the tailgate open (red line in the Pickup graphic above).

3. Loading height (yellow line in the Pickup graphic above).

4. Wheelbase of your motorcycle (blue line in the motorcycle graphic above)

5. Full length of your motorcycle (red line in the motorcycle graphic above)

Please note: for heavier motorcycles we recommend using the AC001 extender as it provides a better climb angle.


Ray Jackson

I use mine commercially , I haul Harley Davidsons , majority of which are baggers . On average I load and unload 6 times a day . The Neo-Dyne Loaders handles the 900 lb bikes with ease ! I’d recommend this loader to anyone !

Bjørn Smauget

Simply the best loader on the market if you ask me! 

Best of all, it is very good for Choppers!


With the Neo-Dyne ramp and my truck, I can bring along my family, and my dog, on holidays and still be able to ride my bike on location.

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