AUN 150

The AUN 150 “Hybrid” ramp is a great choice if you have a shortbed Pickup.

This ramp uses the short base ramp of the AUN 100 and the long tilt ramp of the AUN 200. It is used by clients having pick-up trucks with a short cargo bed but a high loading height, like Jeep Gladiators or crew cab Raptors. The shorter ramp can be cut to the exact length of the cargo bed with the tail gate down. Then it will work very well and it will even load bikes that are longer than the truck's cargo bed with the tailgate down, so that there is no overhang, and no unnecessary load on the tailgate. The AUN 150 will reach down to load motorcycles from a height of 90cm. It can be equipped with extenders such as the AC 001 so that it can be used with loading heights up to 1,5 meters.

AUN 150


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Tech Specs

Total Length
2500 mm
90 kg
Max Load Height *
900 mm
Max load height with extender *
1300 mm
max payload
550 kg
max wheelbase
2000 mm

* with a longer AC001 extender, it is possible to increase the loading height to 1500 mm

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