AUN 250

Fold-up design lets you close the tailgate with the ramp inside.

The AUN 250 ramp is the most advanced in our range, and the most practical for short-bed Pickups. It's the only model that allows the tailgate to be closed without having to remove the ramp. It can be cut to the exact length required, the shortest length being 1350 mm.

The fold-up ramp provides a sufficiently long ramp, even for the relatively high loading height of a Pickup truck.

The AUN 250 is also compatible with the AC008 loading platform and adapters AC006 (snowmobile) and AC005 (3-wheel scooter), and the AC012 no-drill installation kit.

AUN 250


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In less than a minute, unload your vehicle, fold the ramp and close the tailgate.

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Tech Specs

Total Length
2500 mm
110 kg
Max Load Height *
900 mm
Max load height with extender *
1300 mm
max payload
550 kg
max wheelbase
2000 mm

* with a longer AC001 extender, it is possible to increase the loading height to 1500 mm

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