AUN 200

Standard size (2500mm) ramp, suitable for long-bed Pickups and longer Vans.

This is the standard sized ramp (2500 mm) used to load motorcycles into standard pick-up trucks with a load height of 90cm and a cargo bed + tailgate down length of around 2.5 m. It will work on most standard trucks without any modifications. However we do advise to cut the base ramp to match the length of the cargo bed + tail gate down. The tilt ramp can stay as it is. Can be used with long bed trucks too, where the AC 004 tailgate adapter can be used to close the tailgate after loading the bike. It can be equipped with many accessories, to extend load height or to minimize load angle.

AUN 200


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Tech Specs

Total Length
2500 mm
95 kg
Max Load Height *
900 mm
Max load height with extender *
1300 mm
max payload
550 kg
max wheelbase
2000 mm

* with a longer AC001 extender, it is possible to increase the loading height to 1500 mm

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